1. A single supplier

We set store by our ability to provide a full service to our clients.

2. Lower prices

All our translators use the language tool Trados, which "saves" translated segments in a database.....

3. Direct contact

You will have direct contact with the project manager handling your texts.

4. Quality

Your project will be subject to our quality assurance procedures, ensuring the best possible result.

About us

Who we are and what we offer?

Quality assurance

At Wordstream quality assurance is a top priority.


We use many of the language tools avaliable on the market, including Trados.


Attention to language and communication are vital for the success of a company.

We have a strong, dedicated team of project managers and gifted linguists who, assisted by  highly experienced freelance translators in Denmark and abroad, are able to handle translation and localisation projects of all sizes.

Our strategy for the future is to grow our business links, expand our network of partners, become even better at what we do and fine-tune a consistently high quality of service.

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